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    • Almond

      -Old fashion Jergens--Cherry Almond blend. Great Seller

    • Autumn Joy

      Cinnamon, Clove, mellowed beautifully with creamy Vanilla & Pumpkin Pie notes. Vanilla in fragrance will often cause the candle and soaps to turn an earthy brown color.

    • Applejack

      This is a beautiful scent similar to the Claire Burke original. sells well during the holidays. It is an incredible blend of mulled cider, cinnamon sticks, and a twist of orange peel. This is not "Apple Cider" or "Cinnamon Apple", it's a scent all its own, unique and wonderful! This is one of our best selling fragrances for the fall and cold months,

    • Awaken

      An embracing blend of "clean" from European spas. a classic blend reserved for body washes in the spas of Germany, France, and Belgium. This scent is an upscale blend of fresh, invigorating leafy greens & florals, basil, citrus, amber, and musk. A brilliant, invigorating, and sparkling scent that will make you feel romantic and alive throughout the evening.

Bluegrass Rain

Clean scent that welcomes you to the beautiful Kentucky Bluegrass! Fresh breezes, beautiful streams & horse farms .Top seller throughout the line. May also be ordered as Skinny Dippin

    • Blackberry Sage

      A blend that will intrigue your customers, it's herbal yet fruity, definitely a unisex scent. This has a desert-herbal feel to it. Zingy tart blackberries, fresh green sage leaves, with a touch of spice to make you come back for another sniff! A hot seller! Spicy yet not an overly sweet fruity combination.

    • Back Country Leather

      This is the leather fragrance we have long searched for! It is genuine! The very embodiment of the aroma of the finest leather shop. If you love the smell of a fresh new leather item...this will be that experience every single day.! Strong! Real! Makes you feel like you live on a real Texas ranch

    • Breathe Easy

      Made with Pure Eucalyptus Essential oils. Excellent Fireless Candle & Great Spray for wintertime colds as Eucalyptus refreshes, makes breathing easier and is an excellent germ fighter. May be ordered as Fresh Eucalyptus or Sinus Relief

    • Cabana Coconut

      This is one of our new favorite scents! It is rapidly climbing our best sellers list. the coconut notes don't smell like suntan lotion! Fresh, raw coconut notes are fused with cocoa bean, brown sugar, butter cream, lemon leaf, citron nuances, vanilla extract and hints of amber. Balanced and Clean.

    • Cactus Sea Salt

      Green, watery cactus accords mingle with fresh, ozonic sea salt in this unique, clean fragrance combination.

Clean Cotton

Fresh clean cotton on a warm summer day- wonderful mild clean scent

    • Chocolate Cherry

      Luscious , Sweet & Very true to name

    • Chocolate Raspberry

      Rich Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Scent. Very Sweet

    • Country Harvest

      Fall fruity tones are sweetened with orange as this fragrance begins to unfold. A heart of ripe harvest fruit balances with cinnamon, ginger and spiced sugar maple to create a luscious gourmet effect, add a hint of vanilla bean, warm amber and sweetness to the confection. Soft musky tones for velvety smooth undertones

    • Cucumbermelon

      Fresh summer garden cucumber with just a bit of melon

    • Denim

      Cool Water type. Get yo

    • Dreamsicle

      Best Seller! Loved by folks from two to 92! It is exactly, true, real old fashion Dreamsicle. Soaps & candles may turn brown BUT they still fly off the shelf.

Fresh Brewed Coffee

Awaken your senses with the invigorating aroma of a steaming cup of freshly brewed coffee from full-bodied Colombian Arabica beans. Known to be some of the finest and richest beans in the world, our fragrance oil mimics Colombian beans with its bold, enticing aroma. In this elegant fragrance oil you'll find notes of coffee beans and freshly brewed coffee accentuated by hints of rum, brandy, brown sugar, and cocoa beans. No bitter notes.. just an amazing coffee aroma!

  • Fresh Eucalyptus

    Made with Pure Eucalyptus Essential oils. Great Spray for wintertime colds as Eucalyptus refreshes, relieves muscle tension, makes breathing easier and is an excellent germ fighter.

    • Fresh Snow

      Fresh Snow is the embodiment of the simple tranquility of a world gone to sleep for the winter season and frosted with a pure glistening frozen white snow flakes. This scent is clean and fresh with notes of pure water, pure air, touch of citrus and just a bit of depth. Quite light. Easily Unisex. Same scent as Fresh Water... just renamed

    • Fresh Summermelon

      Juicy and sweet, a delicious blend of cantaloupe, watermelon, honeydew and fresh cucumber

    • Fresh Water

      Fresh Water is the embodiment of fresh clean life giving fresh water. Fresh rejuvenating Light clean! The way pure fresh water is meant to be. Notes of pure water, pure air, and just a bit of depth. Quite light. Easily Unisex. Same scent as Fresh Snow. Just renamed

    • Frosted Pine

      All the memories of a refreshing walk in the Kentucky Pine Mountain Region. Very clean and fresh. Also sold under the name Kentucky Mountain Memories

    • Frosted Vanilla

      Sweet creamy rich vanilla cream, vanilla bean with just a touch of sweet mint and warm nutmeg drawing the many wonderful fragrances notes together

    • Fruit Passion

      Voyage to the warm waters of the Pacific where a tropical oasis awaits you. Rich notes of orange and grapefruit, a bit of tangy lemon for a sparkling lively Pacific island fruit blend

    • Gardenia

      Every essence of the beautiful flower. Pure and true. Sweet floral

    • The Gentleman

      Our rendition of Abercrombie & Fitch type Ezra Fitch cologne the defining of a classic heritage . Exciting the senses with lavender, fresh bergamot, and sexy leather accords, deepens into a masculine musk and finishes with sandalwood. Incredibly sexy, incredibly masculine!

    • Holiday Spice

      This scent harkens the apple harvest of fall and all the pleasant memories that come with it. Notes of sweet slow-cooked spiced apples with mulled berries and citrus rind provide a bright top note leading to a warm blend of star anise, cinnamon sticks, and clove for middle notes, and caramelized brown sugar rounding out the base

    • Honeysuckle

      This fragrance is bold and true - we can't tell the difference between it and the honeysuckle in the back yard! A premium choice for a wonderful floral. This is a heavenly floral with sweet nectar and a hint of blossom

    • Honey Cream

      A light natural best seller , honey with the perfect touch of farm fresh cream

    • Ladybug Sugar

      Imagine soft vanilla warmed & sweetened just perfectly. Similar to Warm Vanilla Sugar.

    • Lavender

      Scented with pure natural essential oil. Calming, soothing & relaxing with many therapeutic skin properties.

    • Lavender Patchouli

      Two of nature's finest oils combined to a bring you a very rich naturally classy some that sophisticated and somewhat sensual aroma

    • Lavender Tea Tree

      - Blend of essential fragrance oils. VERY clean. Available in all products. The lotion is especially formulated to help those with athlete's foot and other type conditions. Great for those with acne issues

    • Lemon Chiffon

      Delightful lemon touch of sweet.. the finest of creamy chiffon and lemon citrus. Staff favorite at Ladybug Blessings... Soaps and candles may turn brown due to vanilla component in scent. They still sell well!

    • Lemongrass

      -Another fresh clean natural scent. Scented only with natural lemongrass essential oil.

    • Truly Lilac

      I grew up loving the scent of Grandma’s lilac bush... This is truly it..... Just fresh spring lilacs!

    • Kentucky Mint Julep

      Welcome to our celebration of our Famous Derby Heritage! A subtle aroma of a fresh spearmint sprig from real spearmint essential oil. Sweetly refreshing Excellent in our entire line.

    • Kentucky Mountain Memories

      A celebration of the the naturally breathtaking surrounding of the Eastern Kentucky mountains. Very Very clean.

    • kyrose.html">

      Kentucky Rose

      Natural Rose scent celebrating derby and Summer time in KY

    • wildcat.html">

      Kentucky Wildcat

      Big Blue Wildcats --After all, This is a Kentucky shop. This scent line is a celebration of our UK heritage. Created for all those who bleed blue. Look may vary slightly from pic

    • Mango Papaya

      Absolutely mouth watering tropical fruit richness. Sweet, luscious, vibrant scent

    • Old Kentucky Toddy

      Absolutely one of the best aromas we have ever added to our line! That unique Kentucky Bluegrass blend of Kentucky Bourbon fresh from the Bourbon Trail touched by rich sweet maple for perfect hot Toddy Aroma. A feel better choice of especially in the wintertime.

    • Orchard Peach

      fresh peach scent. All hint of vanilla in this one. Handmade soap is a little lighter scent. All others stronger... die for!

    • Orange Sage

      Orange, Sicilian Lemon, Ruby grapefruit, sage & Basil leaves. Our rendition of Yankee's Citrus and Sage blend. Fresh sage -fresh orange. Very clean- a bit bold . Sage blend makes this year around popular choice

    • Patchouli

      This is one those unique woodsy oriental type fragrances from the 60s that is making a come back. Very deep woodsy notes

    • Patchouli Desire

      Our own blend of Patchouli mixed with a sensual notes of exotic woods, fruits and spices sandalwood, mandarin orange and grapefruit touched with vanilla, and musk

    • Pearberry

      A perennial Bath & Body Works favorite, this fragrance is a blending of juicy green pears, crisp red apples,
      fuzzy peaches and a touch of ripe melon. Our version is a dead-on duplication of this best-selling fragrance, and your customers will notice!

    • Refreshing Peppermint

      made with real Peppermint oil. Rejuvenating…wake you up fresh. Great muscle relief

    • Personality

      FA celebration of the personality of each wonderful woman we know. Your customers are going to love this! Our test marketers have RAVED and already reordered. One of the most beautiful fragrances we have ever smelled. Simply complex. Complex Simplicity. Unforgettable. An expression of that woman with PERSONALTIY! Therefore that is the name we chose. It is amazing. Clean, feminine. lively Warm your heart a thousand times over! If you have smelled 1000 wishes at BBW and loved it !

    • Pina Colada

      Fresh pineapple, coconut- pure summer joy. Tropical bliss!

    • Pumpkin Spice Latte


      The beloved annual autumn treat. Inhale the delicious blend of rich milk and creamy butter followed by the intoxicating decadent pumpkin, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Sweet notes of sugared maple out this satisfying and heart-warming scent.

    • Razzy Raspberry

      Lusciously delicious! Slightly sweet.! Fresh from the vine lusciously sun ripened

    • Red Hot Cinnamon

      Fireless Candle Only Top Rated – Great Selling--Excellent Cinnamon Aroma! 

    • Red Winterberry


      Deep bold rich scent of Red berries, with notes of Bayberry and spices. So Much More than just a great Christmas Scent

    • Sandalwood Vanilla

      Deep woodsy complex earthy , quite sexy. This very unisex sandalwood brings a rich aroma with just a slight touch of vanilla.

    • Secret Love

      Our version of the famous Victoria Secret's Love Spell scent and a most accurate representation- a  hot new best seller!

    • Sinus Relief


      Sinus Relief Made with real Eucalyptus & peppermint oil  TOP SELLING FIRELESS CANDLE Great bath salt for those with sinus issues and for cold and flu relief

    • Skinny Dippin'

      Our Best Selling Bluegrass Rain...clean and fresh under a different, more fun name!

    • So Sexy- For Her

      Our rendition of Victoria Secrets So Sexy- A very close match- Extremely popular

    • So Sexy- for Him


      Our rendition of Victoria Secrets So Sexy- A very close match- Extremely popular

    • Spearmint

      Natural spearmint, heavenly wake up favorite!  Salt, soap and scrub favorite

    • Spiced Cider

      Deliciously fragrant with notes of fresh apples, cloves, cinnamon & other great kitchen  notes

    • Sweet Pea

      A delightful fragrance of sweet pea flowers, violets and light sun-ripened berries. A BBW type. Just what it says- it is awesome

    • Sweetgrass & Wild Violet

      A nighttime walk through the woods. Hands grazing the tall wild grasses. Sweet sage merges with, fresh air, bergamot, lemongrass and herbs touched with and left lingering is the scent of jasmine blooming in the wild woods. Truly a rich Sultry sophistication of a complex mix of the freshness of nature , an outdoor spaa the woods edge amidst the grassland and herbs. New Fall 2017 - Very Popular

    • Sunrise Beach

      Welcome to an amazing tropical experience. Sunrise at the Beach! It is spring tropical freshness every day! Notes of fresh grapefruit, citrus, peach, papaya and mango. A BEST SELLER!

    • Trail Blazer

      Our Best Selling So Sexy for Men- Our Rendition of the famous VS fragrance in a more all around name. After all we have many of gals who love their husband's bar of So Sexy Soap! And we have had several requests to offer a different name. So here we are!

    • Unscented

      To serve those who for health reasons etc. do not want scent

    • Vanilla Lace

      Awesome vanilla, Reminds you of the one carried in that famous lingerie shop...only better

    • Vanilla Mint

      Real Rich creamy vanilla aroma topped off with & real spearmint essential oil....Unique & popular.

    • Vanilla Oak

      Reminiscent of a classic, sophisticated vanilla liqueur, infused with undertones of rich, earthy oak. Fascinating and powerful, this strong yet so beautiful – it's a mesmerizing and provocative scent.

      As the owner this is the most exquisite scent I have found in 20 years of business! Love it!

    • Warm Vanilla Sugar

      Soft vanilla warmed & sweetened just perfectly


      Wildberry Herb

      Wild Berry Herb is that just perfect blend of ripe sweet berries and fresh green herbs. There's a bit of orange, and sweet berries, a slight woodsy note. The addition of the crisp green notes and warm spicy tones create dimension within the blend, as velvet moss is sweetened with musk at the base to finish the perfection.

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