Fundraiser Brochure Selection

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Health & Wellness

Mother's Day Gifts  

Soap & Suds


In order to serve you well please note :

1. Please make sure you have clarified your fundraiser sale and the dates with Ladybug Blessings to insure we can allot time to for crafting your order to insure a timely delivery. If in doubt that we have your fundraiser on our calendar. Please Call 270.789.9758

2. Below are links to all brochure PDF files . You may use a single brochure or any combination of 2 or more.

3. This link page or specific link pages may be forwarded to group members.

4. Profit Margins in 50% for general products. 40% for gifts. Shipping will be added

5. We can print brochures for you as needed. Please Contact us at 270.789.9758

6. Some Brochures will change seasonally - gifts are super popular during Mother's Day & Christmas

7. If you wish to sell only certain items - we often do custom brochures


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