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Ladybug Blessings-Natural Bath and Body

Ladybug Blessings is a woman owned natural bath and body products company that exists solely to bless and serve you with Kentucky's Finest in handcrafted soap and natural bath products. You will find Ladybug Blessings products in stores small and large throughout the US.

We have been honored to be featured under private label in many an elite locations including the prestigious Martha's Vineyard Island. ABC News recognized Ladybug Blessings as a premier choice for handcrafted Made in America gifts in 2012.

As your unique handcrafted bath and body choice, we value serving you as an individual. Ladybug blessings offers unique easy fundraisers. We serve retails shop as a premier handmade wholesale bath and body supplier . We will gladly take care your gifts needs for all of your special holiday occasions. We greatly value each and every opportunity.

How did it all begin ?

Having suffered all of my life with dry , red itchy skin that would even crack and bleed, I was consistently looking for solutions. Always hoping a new lotion or cream would truly make a difference. I had many family and friends with these same conditions.

Surprisingly ,my dry skin solution was not in modern developments but in natural solutions that have been on the earth for years. Truly the answers came in discovering the benefits of age old natural ingredients. I was in my mid 30's and had never known the joys of getting out of the bath tub without itching.

The American bath market is now saturated with products that are filled chemicals, petroleum, detergents and synthetics. These ingredients only aggravate the problems they claim to help. Reducing synthetics and chemicals and returning to the bounty of nature brought amazing relief.

The more I knew, the more I wanted to know. I began researching the properties of carrier oils, herbs, essential oils and other natural ingredients. We developed handmade soap and more for family and friends. Little did I know Ladybug Blessings was quietly being conceived. Research continued followed by more research. Yes, we formulated and reformulated meticulously completing a line of all original recipes from the very best of nature.

Next Step

With some twenty years of direct sales experience and having achieved national level management goals I was ready for a change in my own life and deeply desired to make a difference for others.. So a business would be built around the values and dedication of blessing others. With the encouragement of family and friends Ladybug Blessings began.

I am very thankful for the growth and blessings that have sustained the privileges of this dream. I am also very grateful for the thousands of satisfied customers who continually share our products and company with their friends and family. In our growth we have maintained the quality with which we began and every product is still 100% handmade. We have added lovely packaging and now proudly bring you " Simply Kentucky's Finest".

How did we get the name?

From the beginning to be a Blessing was the heartbeat of our endeavor, the opportunities to meet with others, share, laugh, give generously, offer a quality product those were our heartbeat from the conception. But, the name.......well, my best friend shared that Mama always said "never kill a is a sign of God's Blessing." So, while enjoying fellowship at their table and two of those cute little creatures landed on my husbands shoulder.........the connection was made and thus...........Ladybug Blessings™ was born!

What's Next?

Many a factors have allowed us to expand. I am very grateful to family, friends, neighbors and customers for many encouraging and supporting words and deeds. In 2001we launched our easy fundraiser program and expanded into the wholesale bath and body products arena. Today we have shipped "Blessings" to some 40 plus states and several countries because of this support.

In 2002 several doors began to open in the area of workshops, conference and presentational speaking. We have spoken to a variety of civic and church groups and consider each opportunity a wonderful privilege . Having been in love with public speaking since 5th grade,I am more excited than ever. As, this opportunity has not only allowed the joy of educating on the health advantages of natural products and essential oils but also of sharing the roads traveled and the truths learned from lives of compulsion and disorder to abiding peace & fulfillment.

For years Ladybug Blessings has been a full time business venture. We areso very pleased to serve you and get to know you..

Again, thank you for each and every opportunity to serve you.

The graciousness of your support means so very much . Our commitments will always be quality, value, service and "Dedicated to Blessing You"!

Blessings always,

Lana Southwood, Owner