Bath Gift Set

Affordable Luxurious Bath Gift - Relaxing, Soothing, Rejuvenating Collection

The Perfect Gift for Anybody because every body likes to be pampered & feel like Somebody!

Bath Gift Set

  • $36.95

Bath Gift Set, Bath Gift Sets,
Bath Gift Set

Bath Gift Set- What you receive

At Ladybug Blessisngs Our Bath Gift Sets are packed with the finest completely handcrafted natural bath products We are 100% handcrafted!

Bath Gift Set- Your Choices!

The bath gift sets include our most popular products. We recognize that you our customer may want to change things around a bit. So, we offer a great set and then give you the opportunity to add to it. We know the best way to offer a bath gift set is your way!

Bath Gift Sets- Always Gift Ready

Bath Gifts Sets from Ladybug Blessings come completely Gift ready. Just add to and from and you are done! If we ship directly to your special person .. we add that too!

Bath Gift Sets- The Packaging/ Presentation

Bath Gift Sets are offered online in packaging choices that usually respond well to shipping. Beautiful boxes trimmed with great bows say to "You are Special' when the reciever opens them!We offer several choices to make your gift just perfect.
We ask for your comments and requests so we can make your gift look just perfect. However, we can do and gladly will do other choices. Maybe your want your bath gift set a little more country looking or maybe you want your gift even classier or presented differently. We aim to please!Our comments section will allow for such requests with us.


Bath Gift Sets- The Quality! The Feel!

We are 100% handcrafted spa quality with a goal to present you with the VERY finest!

Our soaps and natural bath and body products are all formulated with rich natural oils and butters such as shea, jojoba, coconut etc. We enrich soap with both silk and soothing goat milk. Our creams such as our Foot cream and shea butter cream are paraben free.


Bath Gift Sets- The aroma

Our bath set gifts have wonderful aromas because our bath products are wonderfully fragrant. We pride ourselves on aromas true to the scent name.

If is is possible to achieve that scent with an essential oil - we do- if not we use high quality fragrance oils.We offer plenty of fragrance choices so there is something for everyone. A description of our fragrances can be found on our fragrance guide page.


Bath Gift Set- Great Affordable Prices

Our prices Start at just $121.95 for a 2 piece Bath gift Set . Our luxurious 3 piece sets are most affordable-
There are few things better that our wonderful complete luxury set