Body Spray

Body Mist

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Body Spray-Quick Info

  • Body sprays are alcohol free
  • Formulated body, room and linen safe
  • Long lasting quality aromas
  • Body spray with scents from essential oils
  • Scents from scents from quality fragrance oils
  • Over 35 fragrances available
  • Over 17 years producing top quality body sprays
  • 1000's sold
  • Body Spray size 4 oz, cobalt blue bottle, attractive labeling
  • Body Spray Price $6.99 each
  • Body Spray ingredient list
  • Body Spray Customer comments

Body Spray - the ingredients

Body Spray ingredients are : Water, witch hazel, fragrance or essential oils

Body Spray- Size and packaging information

Body Spray is 4 fluid oz. Packaged in cobalt blue bottle. Each body spray has an attractive colorful label appropriate for its fragrance.

Aromatherapy Sprays

Aromatherapy scents come from real essential oils extracted from real plants .Thereby they maintain all the properties of the essential oil. They can help with other issues around the house.


  • Lavender- relaxing! Perfect linen spray
  • Peppermint- excellent muscle relief properties, Fight foot and shoe odors.
  • Sinus Relief- True to name! Excellent Room Mist!
  • Eucalyptus -Excellent breathe easy properties, Germ figther.Also fighst foot and shoe odors.
  • Lemongrass - Fresh Clean, great mental alertness properties, bugs hate it
  • Rose Geranium,& Clary Sage- oils known as a "woman's friend" helpful in hormone balancing. Clary Sage is NOT recommended for pregnant women.

Body Spray Price : $6.99

Body Mists- Our Customers Speak

I received the order and wanted to tell you that I am impressed with the scents in each product. They truly smell exactly like the name and each one lasts a long time.It's not watered down, like other products I have bought in the past .I gave it as a gift and she loved it!!! Gail L.

'i really like the fireless candles and the 3 in1 spray that i got and the lotion sticks
Jessica N