Summer Luxuries Zipper Pouch Sets - "Vitamin Sea" CLOSEOUT

Summer Luxuries Zipper Pouch Sets - "Vitamin Sea" CLOSEOUT

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We are so excited to bring you these "Summer Luxuries" travel supper bag sets! Each one comes in a 6"x8" linen zipper pouch with a colorful pull tassel. These pouches are printed with high-quality vinyl, designed and printed in house by our lovely Mrs. Renee! 

I LOVE my zipper pouch for traveling!!! I keep my bedside and small bathroom essentials in it: face lotion, lip balm, comb, hair clips, feminine products, deodorant, medications, Loofah soap, etc. They're so useful! 

This set is the "I Need A Dose of Vitamin Sea" bag! A bright and fun design filled with: 

1 Nature's Renewal Hand Cream 2.75oz

1 3oz Luxury Sea Salt Body Scrub (perfect for refreshing your skin after a day in the water!)

1 Natural Lip Balm (comes in a summer edition flavor) 

Choose your Fragrance and be summer-ready!