Natural Shower Gel

Natural Shower Gel

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Natural Shower Gel

Natural Bath Body Shower Gel, Natural Body  Wash, Hamdmade Shower gel., Handcrafted body Wash

Natural Shower Gel crafted with Quality Oils

  •  Natural Shower Gel by Ladybug Blessings loves your skin every day.
  • Crafted with a blend of a superior natural oils that create both lather and a superb skin nourishing bath
  • Natural Shower Gel oils include olive oil, shea butter and more.

Natural Shower Gel - What is NOT in it may me the most imporant

Bath Gel by Ladybug Blessings contains NO Soduiumlaurylsulfate or any other commercial lathering agent.

Bath Gel- what is so important about NO soduiumlaurysulfate?

Sodiumlaurylsulfate is a harsh, drying, skin irritant chemical that saturates the commercial bath market. It is the chemical that makes the commercial bath market lather. It is usually not just an ingredient but rather one of the first ingredients in commercial bath and Bath Gel, as well as shampoos, it is even hidden in toothpaste, deodorant etc.

This means that this harsh chemical makes up the most of that bath product. Studies show that it is not only harsh but is also a cancer causing agent. Some research has shown it to remain with you approximately 6 weeks every time you use it. That's only the beginning of understanding the many reasons to choose a Natural bath product.