Shea Butter Cream

Shea Butter Cream

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Shea Butter Cream

For when your Skin needs a New Best Friend
Discover Shea Butter Cream made from natural fair trade Ghana shea butter & nature's finest ingredients

Shea Butter Cream
Because Your Skin Really Does Deserve the Richest Emollient on Earth

Shea Butter is truly that emollient - bringing healing care

Shea Butter Silk Cream by Ladybug Blessings is made with real unrefined shea butter to bring your skin the very best of healing care with the ability to bring moisturizing and skin softentenng properties to parched, tight, dry itcy skin.

Shea Butter - Yes, it really is true Shea may be the Richest Emollient - really?

Yes, Shea butter has been known for centuries as an amazing moisturizer filled with natural components that promote younger healthier skin.Why? Because shea Butter is not only a natural moisturizer but also a natural emollient.

What does this mean?

Here is what you need to know. Moisturizers add moisture. Emollients actually soften skin. Shea Butter has both properties.Shea Butter is often considered to be the absolute best natural natural emollient. Ladybug Blessings Shea butter cream naturally adds both moisture and emollience. promoting younger healthier skin.Shea butter also adds some natural UV protectant factor

Shea Butter Cream-
Introducing Your Dry Skin to a New Best Friend

Shea Butter Cream-Quick Purchase Info

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  • $7.99- Travel /personal/ Convenient 4 oz jar
  • Shea Butter Ingredient List
  • Paraben free preservative
  • Rich in Natural Shea Butter
  • Petroleum free
  • Concentrated- Long Lasting
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Shea Butter -Handcrafted distinctive

Because handcrafted does not always mean completely handcrafted. It is a common practice among even those claiming to be a handcrafted bath and body company to purchase a thick commercial style base and just add water.

Shea Butter Silk is NOT made by just a certain amount of water added to supplier bought base that may have originated from foriegn countries.. "Shea Butter Silk" is completely handcrafted from scratch using an orginal Ladybug Blessings formulation of the finest oils. Lana, our owner had battled dry skin for over 30 years before discovering the benefits of a more natural way. Therefore, Ladybug Blessings is committed to quality products for the betterment of your skin.

Are all Shea Butter Creams equal? Why handcrafted?

By carefully handcrafting shea butter cream we select each oil and the percentage thereof. This means no filler oils, no cheap oils, paraben free preservatives. The market is flooded with cheap shea butter creams making all the claims but in reality often having only a minuet amount of shea butter and counter acting those benefits with multiple chemicals.

In order to bring you an exceptional product, our shea Butter cream is our original formulation and we find it imperative that it be handcrafted from start to finish.


Shea Butter Cream Ingredients

Contains: water, shea butter, jojoba oil, glycerin,sunflower & coconut oil, palm stearic,emulsifying wax, preservative,vitamin e oil ,fragrance, cetyl esters. Preservative: Germall

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