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"Sweet Skin" Sugar & Shea Scrub // Shower Essentials Collection *NEW SIZES*

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One of our most-loved products just got a packaging upgrade!!! Now in 3 NEW Sizes and easier to use squeeze tubes, this product is a STAPLE in my shower, I can't live without it. 

Introducing the NEW Ladybug Blessings "Sweet Skin" Sugar & Shea Scrub & Body Wash all in one! 

This gentle scrub is loaded with MCT coconut oil, Golden Jojoba, Sunflower Oil, rich Shea Butter, organic Castile soap, and more to nourish your skin to showered perfection! We recommend using in place of body wash to both clean and exfoliate. Squeeze a quarter sized amount into your palm, scrub gently until lathered, then repeat! For more intense exfoliation and to scrub off dirt or dead skin, use on a Loofah sponge or gentle scrubber instead. Rinse off, towel dry, then follow up with our Body Buttercream for all-day soft skin! Can also be used after shaving to restore moisture! 

Benefits of sugar scrub: Sugar is much more gentle than salt or other exfoliants and won't irritate scratches or small cuts on the skin. It can also be used on the face and sensitive skin areas without irritation or worrying about over-usage. 

This product is a Ladybug original formulation that you won't find anywhere else!!!! With no harsh chemicals, artificial fillers, or nasty preservatives, we are dedicated to providing you with a natural and luxurious shower experience! 

We are so excited to become your go-to natural shower routine! Try the other products in this collection: Natural Shampoo Bars and our Body Buttercream after shower lotion!