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About Us / FAQ

About Ladybug Blessings ~ The story! 

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Current order processing time: 3-7 business days.

UPDATED October 1st, 2023: Welcome to our busy season!!!  Some orders are still moving at our posted time or less, but our suppliers are also in their busy season and some simple supplies are taking 2 weeks to even arrive, then we have to fill and work with them.  We are doing our best but PLEASE order early and expect to see extended production and shipping times for the rest of the season!

PLEASE NOTE: Sales from promotions may incur longer production times.  If you order is a gift or needs to be delivered by a certain date, please e-mail us with your order number and we will do our best to get it sent quickly or offer substitutions. 

Discontinued Phone Assistance: Due to ongoing challenges with every aspect of running a family business plus our dedication to maintaining family time outside of work, our phone support is currently limited. I'm a Mom with two small kids and it's hard to take business calls while we are having school or measuring ingredients to make your products! E-mail is the BEST way to contact us and we will try to reply to you within 24 hours. You can use the contact form here or e-mail ladybugblessingsnatural@yahoo.com 

We appreciate your business more than ever and thank you for your patience during this crazy time!  - Jennifer


Most of our retail orders are shipped USPS Priority Mail and while this service is supposed to be guaranteed for 2-3 day delivery anywhere in the country, on a rare occasion we are seeing packages sit in distribution centers for 3-9 days without warning.  This is as frustrating to us as it is to you, but this service is still our best option to keep our shipping rates affordable for everyday service. 

PLEASE NOTE: We do offer another shipping service which is more reliable in some cases: Choose the new UPS Small Package option for $13 flat rate to get your order much faster! (This option does not include free shipping over $75, it's $13 for your order of any size.) 

 If your order or gift is especially urgent or needs to arrive by a certain day, please e-mail ladybugblessingsnatural@yahoo.com and we can offer expedited shipping services to meet your need, including UPS or Fedex. 



Return Policy: In case of a product damaged in shipping or leaked during transit, we will offer to replace your damaged product for free or a refund for that portion of your order, after photos of the damaged product along with a replacement request have been e-mailed to ladybugblessingsnatural@yahoo.com - We are happy to make any damaged or leaking product issues right to the best of our ability!

Other returns/refunds: As a small, handcrafted company, we can only afford to offer returns/refunds if your product is obviously defective or not made properly.  We do NOT offer returns or refunds on product that you simply "do not like" or a fragrance that you've never tried before.  We do not accept returns of opened and partially used product.  We try to offer accurate, informative descriptions for all of our products and fragrances to create an informative buying experience.  If you simply do not like the product you ordered, we suggest gifting it to a friend who would appreciate it! We serve thousands of happy customers every year and have confidence that you can find something to love in our wide variety of products and fragrances! 

Natural variations in product: This is the nature of products made without nasty chemical compounds! We are a small, handcrafted company that makes all of your beloved bath treasures by hand in small batches.  We use natural ingredients and oils which have natural variances in color, smell, and texture.  We try to keep our finished product as uniform as possible, but sometimes growing seasons, supplier changes, and other natural factors may cause your product to look or smell slightly different from the last one you purchased, especially in essential oil based formulations.  If your product seems to be different or unsatisfactory, please contact us and we'll evaluate your concerns and whether to issue a free replacement. 

Above all: please remember that we are a small, 3-6 employee family owned company.  We are not Amazon or Walmart, and your dollar means so much more to us here! We will do our very best to make sure your experience with our products and customer service brings you back again and again, because your purchases are what keep us going!  We do, however, put our families and employees first and not all customer concerns are within our control. We ask for your understanding and grace. Thank you for being a treasured Ladybug Blessings customer! 

Love & Peace;
Jennifer Beams
Owner - Ladybug Blessings
Creator - Peaceful Places Candles