Natural Shower Essentials Fragrance Descriptions

Natural Shower Essentials Product Collection // Fragrance Descriptions

For this exclusive collection, we've introduced a handful of carefully-chosen, refreshing and delightful new fragrances that we think you will love!  Here you can find descriptions to choose your next favorite. 


Rosemary & Mint: 
A fresh and classic combo of crisp spearmint and aromatic rosemary sprigs. Refreshing and clean! 

Herbal Spa: 
A sophisticated and refreshing blend of herbs and botanicals with a top note of fresh eucalyptus.  Very much like a classic hotel shampoo bar! 

Relax & Renew:
This fragrance has been a staple with our home fragrance business, Peaceful Places, for years!  Our own custom blend of French Lavender, Honey, and Chamomile flowers makes for a sweet and relaxing night-time shower with this choice! 

Clean & Sparkling:
An intriguing blend that will have you taking a deep breath and saying "I know that smell!" but you can't figure out quite where from!  This fragrance has become a fresh & clean staple in our regular Ladybug Blessings product line and features subtle notes of apple and jasmine.

Rise & Shine:
An absolutely beautiful citrus blend with top notes of Florida Pomelos and tangerines complimented by fresh sage, jasmine flowers, and cassis.  This is a favorite with all of our staff and it smells like sunshine!!

Heavenly Sunshine: 
If you're familiar with "Sparkling Limoncello" by B&BW, this is it!  A bright and fruity lemon twist, great for a refreshing morning shower! 

Sweet Pink Grapefruit:
We have never found a TRUE Ruby Red Grapefruit fragrance as good as this one!  Smells just like you cut into a delicious pink grapefruit for breakfast! 

Sweet Pea & Vanilla:
This fragrance was part of our spring seasonal collection for 2020 and it was so popular we had to bring it back!  Fresh Sweet Pea flowers with a sweet side of vanilla blossoms and subtle hints of peach, cherry, musk, and Iris.  Absolutely beautiful! 

Dogwood Blossom: 
A beautiful floral fragrance of blooming dogwood trees.  Here in Kentucky, we see white, pink, and sometimes purple blossoms that welcome spring and the new life of God's creation.  If you love florals, this fragrance is delightful and beautiful! 

Kentucky Magnolia: 
True Kentuckians are familiar with Big-Leaf Magnolia trees with their unique leaves and beautiful blossoms! Fun fact: Kentucky is home to the national champion Magnolia tree in Tight Hollow, Ky. measured 108 feet tall with a 42-foot spread!
This fragrance is a taste of our Kentucky farm with notes of ripe blackberries (which we pick all summer and eat fresh off the vine!) and magnolia blossoms, hints of fresh apple and sugar.  A true designer blend that you need to try to fall in love with! 

What a Wonderful World:
What a wonderful fragrance!!!  When we smelled this brand new fragrance from one of our favorite suppliers we all went WOW!!!  A few test samples went out and we immediately had requests for more! 
Top notes of star fruit, peach, peony, and freesia complimented by warm sweet musk, sandalwood, and amber.  If you like "A Thousand Wishes" by B&BW, this is very similar but in our opinion, BETTER!!! 

Honey & Cream:
A staple of our Ladybug Blessings line for 15 years!  Mild and creamy with notes of steel cut oatmeal, raw honey, and fresh cream.  This is the fragrance featured in our Original Oatmeal soap and a best seller in every product! 

Coconut Bay:
Ok, so I'm a lover of all things Coconut: Smells, tastes, all of it. This is literally one of the BEST Coconut scents I've ever smelled!!!  Heavy notes of vanilla and coconut cream that will put your senses right in the middle of a warm and sandy beach! 
PLEASE NOTE: This fragrance has a natural vanillin content that will turn certain formulations a medium/dark brown color.  This is simply because we do not use any form of artificial color stabilizers in our products in order to be kind to your skin.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with your product, it will not stain your hair or skin, and will easily wash off any other surface.  

Barbershop Quartet:
I have fond memories of my Grandpa coming away from a fresh shave with a smooth face and THIS is what he smelled like!  He was by far one of my favorite people in the world and this fragrance is nostalgic for me. A classic barbershop scent with notes of Bay Rum, Amber, and Musk. 

Glacier Valley:
Very fresh and clean, like walking through a winter forest in Glacier Bay!  Hints of green oak moss, crisp eucalyptus, and fresh winter air whisping through evergreen trees.  A great men's scent but fresh and clean for women too!