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Handcrafted Soap - Boxed & Labeled

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The heartbeat of our product line - all-natural handcrafted bar soap!  This is the product that started Ladybug Blessings over 20 years ago - born from a life-changing experience that our company's founder had after her first bath with a bar of truly handcrafted soap.  It was amazing!!!  

Since then, we've perfected this original recipe and have sold thousands of bars a year.  Enjoy delightful colors and exquisite fragrances with the skin-soothing benefits of natural oils.  Absolutely NO SLS, No Parabens, and NO cheap fillers - only good stuff!  Enjoy with confidence and long-lasting quality.  These premium bars come boxed and labeled for your enjoyment.  


Don't need the box? Get 'Just the Bar' here! 

Ingredient List: Saponified oils of coconut, palm kernal, rice bran, canola, jojoba, & castor. Shea Butter, stearic acid, goat milk powder, real silk, lye, water. Fragrance & colorant possible.